Alcañiz Museum

Old watermill refurbishment and transformation into museum
Scale: 2,400 sqm
Year: 2009
Location: Alcañiz, Spain
Status: Competition

The competition consists of the refurbishment of an old water mill into museum and council offices.The privileged situation next to the river in the outskirts of Alcañiz converts the mill into an urban generator and cultural connecting center with the whole province.

Proposed as an alternative to other convencional models, museistic and burocratic, aims to integrate two functions originally unconnected. We took as a reference the water flow, where two different materials dilute to become one element.

The distribution creates two independent areas which work separately but in constant and direct reference. A single open space with a fluid circulation which achieve an interaction between public –art and public-civil services offices.

Axonometric diagrams

Floor Plans

Long Section

External skin pattern analysis

External skin view